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Electric Riding for Kids, Big Kids & Adults

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Are you purchasing alternative energy vehicles such as electric ride on toys  to save money, to save gas, save the planet, or just for fun? You are looking for a sweet, quiet, non polluting and economical ride!  We have the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. Our affordable alternative energy bicycles including lithium battery power assisted models, high torque street legal mopeds, street legal sit or stand on model scooterssuper fun balance scooters , self balancing personal transporters & fast charging sport carsplay time fun from leading brands. Give your children the thrilling opportunity to ride on our exciting electric toys.Ride one of our toys for big kidsBrowse our category pages!

350 W MiniQuad ATV

THE New Baha Go Kart

500 W 36 V Dirt Bike Blue 

 Drift those corners at speed!

        On Sale: Summit 350 W         On Sale: Metro Express 1000 W        On Sale: Sierra Trails 300 W
Summit 36 Volt Metro Express 1000 Watt Sierra Trails 24 V

         On Sale: Baha 350 W                             On Sale: X-Cursion 300 W
Baha 36 Volt

                         HUGE DISCOUNTS! 


X-Cursion 24 Volt


Ferrari F430 Sport Bentley GTC Classic Wind Motorcycle Sport


Popular Favorites for Kids.   FREE Shipping!   Order today. Inventory is limited.


350 W 3 Wheel Scooter  500 W TandemSport  Self Balancing Scooter 
See our full selection of scooters 500 W Tandem Sport Scooter

Shipping is extra for this mobility scooter.

XB-504 Adult Electric Moped Bicycle

 on SALE now!

The 500 Watt Motor Motorcycle Moped XB-504 Electric Bicycle by X-Treme is a high tech  battery powered vehicle with batteries having a life of  3 years or more, 500 charges! Commute up to 25 miles & recharge while you work! Zip past traffic jams at 20 mph with this easy riding snappy bike! Order now...  Affordable price includes shipping to your nearest depot!

   Click the image for details 

Explore the reasons why the ladies are smiling. Visit our category pages! Is it the thrill, the joy of freedom and independence with their alternative energy battery Powered Mopeds? The power assisted, fun and flexibility of riding lithium Battery Bikes? The economy and ecological friendliness of Battery Scooters which are street legal & lithium? Shopping for Human Transporters which are pollution free & self balancing affords them the pleasure of being green? Or are they thinking about great gifts for their children from our selection of battery powered Play Vehicles? Explore our offers now! These low prices may not last in the present economy!

So why buy a non polluting scooter, bike or moped?  You save money, meet new people, and slow climate change. You enjoy riding a bicycle except for hills, headwinds, and starting from a stop. You prefer your errands to be easy, slow paced and scenic. You look for extra chances to exercise. You want convenient transportation, your own traffic lane, parking spots and shortcuts. You dislike noise, smell, starting problems and special laws. You deserve more fun and freedom in your life. You want to set a good example for your children and leave them with a clean environment.

Battery powered scooters, bicycles, bikes, trikes, mopeds, motorcycles, mobility scooters and even battery powered vehicles for kids have major advantages over similar gas-powered vehicles. Battery scooters are allowed on public transit (bus/train/plane); gas scooters are not. Battery scooters are allowed inside public buildings; gas scooters are prohibited. Noise and air pollution of gas scooters is eliminated. The simplicity of a non combustion  motor requires less maintenance. The motor's high torque provides a quick start and hill-climbing ferocity. All of our alternative energy vehicles including our riding cars, trucks, dirt bikes pocket bikes and go karts have long lives to enhance your recreation, transportation and the pleasure of training your kids to use alternative fuel vehicles.

Power for a battery operated  bike costs one cent for two miles of travel. Maintenance costs are also much less than a car. Riding an EV demonstrates their practicality. Investing in one helps slow down global warming. Our scooters, bicycles, trikes and mopeds give you more control over your fuel costs and availability. Beat the system. Enjoy the nature, sights, and smells around you; ease traffic congestion and glide past traffic snarls. Commuting by EV saves enough money in one year in fuel and maintenance costs to pay for the vehicle. For any unable to drive a car, the battery powered scooter, bike, trike, mobility scooter or moped is a great option. Drop one car from your fleet and save enough on gas, insurance, registration and repairs to pay for an EV in one year.


  Alternative energy transportation and play vehicles such as our battery bikes, scooters, mopeds and battery powered kid cars are an economical, ecologically friendly alternative for commuting, shopping, cruising or just playing. Thinking 'green' reduces your carbon footprint. Enjoy your quiet, quick, easy to park "bike" on a country road or busy street.  PS:  The ladies will put their helmets on before leaving just to set a good example. The gal on the battery powered moped is riding Safe! Safe bikers always wear helmets!  And share your experience of a thrilling ride on an electric vehicle!
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