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About Us

Our Green Philosophy is to offer the zero emission option of electric ride on toys for kids and adults to encourage our fellow World Citizens to think and act responsibly regarding their carbon footprint. The intent is to enhance the joy and fun of two wheeled travel while helping the customer save money and save the environment. We offer a high quality 'Globally Acceptable' alternative for playing, be it commuting, shopping, cruising, or riding the living room track. To learn more, browse our electric bikes, electric scooters, electric mopeds, electric personal transporters and electric ride on toys pages!

An EV is the best alternative to using automobiles for short trips. Low mpg when using a car for city driving and high gas prices mean unnecessary pollution and extra expense. When you choose to go Green, you choose to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your CO2 emissions. When you choose to cap your emissions, you do your part to stop Global Warming. The less oil we all consume, the less we support "Petro-dictatorships", many of whom are funding terrorism.

Our electric product pages present the best options for using an alternative fuel. Consider not just conserving on oil consumption, but on working in the direction of ceasing to use it altogether.  Each offering of our electric bikes, electric  scooters, electric ride on toys or electric mopeds presents you with a great Go Green opportunity!  Choose the type best matching your need, be it sport, utility, commuting or teaching a kid how to be green.


Testimonials from Customers

J.Downs  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL     The electric scooter I purchased from you guys has been outstanding. I have had it now for almost 1 year and I use it everyday to commute to work 2 miles from my home. The scooter folds up easily for transportation in my car so I can take it with me everywhere I go.

Nancy B.  -Caroga, NY     My electric bike now allows me to keep up with the grandchildren as they ride or hike our back roads through the woods! Electric power gives 'Granny' all the zip she needs! All my 'Grandma' friends are asking where to get such a pretty electric bike! I show them your great site, "ScootersCodeGreen.". PS: I am thinking of moving 'up' to an electric moped!

Grandpaw  - Elizabeth City, NC     Assisted living just got better with my new electric moped! No more sore feet walking on sidewalks just to get to CVS. I cruise down there on my spiffy new electric moped!  I can even do my friends shopping now.. I'll probably be doing their order for an electric bike one of these days. Except maybe old Arnie better get himself a sit-down electric scooter. Thanks!!

     Learn more about Global Warming, Climate Chaos, CO2 Emissions and what YOU Can Do to help correct our global environmental problems by checking the entries in our blog "Zero Emission Electric Vehicles" !!

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