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Buying Tips

Check local laws regarding  using throttles on a bike path. Be wary of electric bikes promising high top speeds. Many localities set a top speed limit in-line with the Federal guideline of 15mph. Carefully examine claims of very fast charging times. Household wall outlets can only provide a small amount of power. Some fast chargers require 220v and over 40-amps of service. Note any instructions in the owner’s manual for preparation of the battery before your first ride. Many batteries require an overnight charge before they can be used. Driving a vehicle that can go over 15mph generally will require registration and a license. Driving without a license can result in stiff penalties. A Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer could assist you with getting your license back if you have outstanding charges.

When comparing range claims on similar mopeds or bikes, pay attention to the Amp-hour (Ah) rating on the batteries in relation to the range claimed. If both models have a 37-volt 9Ah battery, but one model claims double the range, the higher range figure is dubious. If the range of the electric moped or bike is not long enough for your needs, inquire about an accessory or removable battery.

Not all Lithium batteries are created the same and bike batteries are one of those instances where buying name-brands can save you money. Many companies make Lithium batteries, few make them well. Stay clear of no-name batteries and look for systems from Panasonic, Sanyo, Toshiba, etc. If the battery brand is not being advertised, it is likely there is a reason why. Study the warranty  before buying. Many electric scooter and bicycle manufacturers separate the battery from the normal warranty on the bike. These separate warranties can be for as little as 3-months or can be prorated. If you are buying a Lithium powered bicycle, be sure that the battery pack has a BMS installed in it. This will ensure a longer life for the battery, as well as safe operation.

Do not buy a fast scooter or bike based on wattage alone. Factors such as reduction gears, efficiency, and installation can make lower wattage motors perform much bigger than they are—at a significant savings in power consumption! Think about your normal riding conditions and decide if you need the increased stability offered by a RWD bike. Verify that there is some sort of quick disconnect for the wiring to the motor. In the event you need to change or repair a tire, ensure that the motor is easy to remove.

Analyze various frame styles before you buy. Decide which design is most comfortable. Some bikes have very limited ergonomic adjustments & fit a limited range of rider size. Pick a bike or moped that fits you well, and that you are comfortable operating. Beware of bikes with the battery hidden in the frame that lack an adequate locking mechanism for the battery. Look for models that include an integrated locking system. They are the best solution for bike security.

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