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Electric Mountain Bikes


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 In its simplest form an electric or power assist bicycle is a conventional pedal powered bicycle that has had an electric motor attached to it. Modern electric bicycles are designed from the ground up to house motors and batteries to be very efficient. As the price of fuel increases so do the available electric bike options. X-Treme Scooters has designed high quality hybrid commuting machines of futuristic design that are more motorcycle than bicycle. These electric battery powered bikes are the best most dependable cruiser commuter bicycles available today. And at the best price with the best warranty.

We proudly offer electric mountain bikes, bicycles & folding electric bikes from the X-Treme Scooters series. Tired of fighting the wind and long uphill grinds? Why not get a boost of Power to the tune of 300 watts of reliable Lithium power?? Choose your favorite style: Standard, Step Through or Folding!! These battery bikes are high quality and AFFORDABLE! If you are having issues seeing while riding you new bike, you might need new glasses or contacts. You could also invest in Lasik Austin. Eye surgery could correct your vision back to 20/20.

Electric Mountain Bikes

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