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Electric Rides for Kids

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Scooters Code Green offers push or pedal and battery powered ride on's by Injusa, NPL, Toys Toys, Mini Moto, Feber, ScooterX, Moto Tec, TRX, EMad, EVO and others. The Push or Pedal riding toys will amaze and entertain your 3 to 6 year old. Check out our Push or Pedal Toy page for the latest fun riders for tots and toddlers. The battery riding toys: sport cars, race cars, fire trucks and utility trucks will amuse and amaze your older kids for hours. Enjoy watching them grow and see their coordination improve as they develop steering and balancing skills. Recharge these easy to use toy cars and trucks during your child's nap time! The electric riding go karts, solar power karts and standard battery operated dune buggies together with the electric riding mini motorcycles mini quad ATV's and mini pocket bike racers will challenge your youthful racers for many racing seasons. Supervise them on their dirt track in the back yard and envy their skill. Our electric riding skateboards and our electric stand on scooters provide fun, fast and reliable transportation for the older kids on their way to school or practice. Commuting will be a way of life and desire to reduce carbon emissions should be instilled early in life. We offer only the highest quality electric riding toy vehicles for kids, big kids and adults! Adults use the power board scooters and transporters in many cities around the US and the world. 

Scooters Code Green has cut through the maze of poor designs to bring you only electric toys we know to be of superior design and manufacturing standards. We deal in fully licensed original riding toys only! Hand me down quality is built into each and every one of these top of the line electric battery power riding fun toys. Younger siblings will grow into these durable toys over the years. These items meet or exceed all U.S. safety standards for their classification. Your child will love their new electric battery power riding toys and you will love the value. It is not difficult to provide superior service and here is what we strive to do: Provide products that are worth owning. Sell those products for the lowest possible price. Provide our customers with professional, friendly service. If we make a mistake we'll own up to it and correct it as quickly and painlessly as possible. We actually value your business and treat it and you with respect. Scooters Code Green keeps their word.

We choose the importers and manufacturers we deal with based on these criteria: Are they wise enough to manufacture an item that's worth owning? Do they have an established track record for conducting business in a straight forward way over an extended period of time, decades? Can they provide constant, dependable and fast order shipping and fulfillment within the consistent time frames as quoted on this site? Do they possess the desire, ability and willingness to provide strong, fair, accurate and timely handling of returns and parts replacement support?

Each manufacturer or importer is headquartered in the USA. All warehouses are located in the USA. Support staff are based in the USA unlike many of our competitors. Replacement parts are warehoused in the USA and almost always available in a timely manner. Scooters Code Green provides many of the highest quality kids electric riding toys you can buy anywhere in the world!

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