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Electric Vehicle Information

Why buy an EV? Speed comparisons. General Advantages. Electric  vs Gas.

An 'EV' can fit your lifestyle and change it for the better! Consider these questions...

- How many family errands are within 5 miles of home?

- How many over the age of 15 live in your home?

- Do you need more exercise?

- Do you need to do more for your environment?

- Do you own a bicycle?

- Do you participate or volunteer locally?

- Do you want a simpler lifestyle?

- Is saving money on transportation cost important?

- Do you set an example for others? Do you invest in sustainable products?

- Are you concerned about an oil embargo or rising gas prices?

- Does traffic congestion cause you stress?

- How far do you commute?

- Are there young adults or seniors without driving licenses in the home?

- Could you replace one of your cars with an electric vehicle?

Here are some practical answers to the above very important questions:

- Trips up to one mile from home are quicker and easier on an electric bike especially with multiple stops.

- More people means more trips, many of which are practical on an electric bicycle or electric mobility scooter.

- People find they ride more and get more exercise when they have an electric assist.

- Like the bike you own? Upgrade it with a power-assist kit.

- Community involvement usually means local trips, easy on an electric scooter, electric bike, or electric moped.

- An electric bike is simple to use, fix, pay for and is clean, quiet, environment friendly transportation.

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