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Fast Electric Motorcycle Moped Scooters          Electric Moped Specs and Features

Motor and Control Systems

Much like batteries, there are many different motor and controller systems being used on electric bicycles today. Early and some low-price models use a chain or belt drive and an externally mounted motor. This type of design allows the installation of the motor without having to design a special frame. Most current models use a brushless hub-centric motor mounted into the front or rear wheel. These motors are very efficient, require no maintenance, and often have a reduction gear integrated in them.

Like horsepower in cars, motors are rated in watts—and there are many ways to measure (and manipulate) that rating. Look for bikes that have a continuous wattage rating, it may be lower but it is a more accurate representation of the performance of the motor. Additionally, some motors will use a reduction gear to help boost the performance of the motor. A 250w motor with a reduction gear can perform as well as a 450w non-geared motor.

Electric bikes are available in both front-wheel-drive (FWD) and rear-wheel-drive (RWD) configurations. RWD bikes tend to be easier and safer, to ride as most of your body weight is carried on top of the drive wheel. Though, the RWD motor location limits the number and style of gearing the bike can use. With FWD bikes, the motor can cause the front tire to skid in slick conditions causing difficulty with steering.

Electric motors have the ability to deliver 100% of their power instantaneously. To make the bike safe to ride, a controller is installed to act as the brains of the bike, and to control the acceleration of the motor. Controllers can have additional features installed in them, such as: multiple assist speeds, light controls, battery diagnostics, or a trip computer.


Most electric vehicles are powered by high performance brushless hub motors. The hub motors are sealed, and have no internal wearing parts allowing for ultimate in weatherproof, maintenance free operation. Whereas both the Power Assist Bicycles and Electric Scooters use the same motor design, there are several key differences in design between the two.

Larger Electric Scooter Motors 

Large electric scooters are available in continuous wattage ratings of 2,000-5,000 (2kw to 5kw), depending on model. These motors lack the reduction gear of their bike counterparts but make up for it with much larger motors and higher operating voltages—up to 72-volts! Many scooter motors are 3-phase DC, and use internal hall-effect sensors to monitor performance. 

Large Electric Scooter Controllers

Due to the high voltages present in many large electric scooter drive systems; some models require a special motor controller tailored to its specific current requirements. Many controllers are based on a linear PCM-style circuit design, but several have features unique to their model, such as: regenerative breaking and state of the art battery switching system on quality motorcycle mopeds.


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