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Electric Vehicle Advantages

EV Advantages. Electric Power vs Gas.

Light electric vehicles usually weigh under 100 lbs and have 2 or 3 wheels. Electric bikes, trikes, and scooters, sit on or stand on, are all LEV's. Most stand up electric scooters are purchased by US consumers for boys ages 8-14. A number of small scooters are purchased by adults for recreation or for short range or indoor transportation. These scooters are such fun that Japan, Germany, Italy, and South America are starting to buy more. Sit down scooters are usually purchased by US retirees. The scooter is used for short distances, or as a mobility extender, not  a wheel chair, helping with painful hips and knees or supporting a heavy person. Many versions are allowed on the street and are becoming popular in many countries. Electric bicycles in Japan are purchased by middle-aged women. In the US, retired couples purchase them. In China, adult commuters use them. In Europe, retirees and commuters use EV's in increasing numbers.

Bigger and faster electric moped/scooters and electric moped/motorcycles fall in a category between electric bikes and gas-powered motor-scooters. Motor-scooters with a top speed of 30 mph qualify in most states as a "moped". Electric motorcycles currently don't have the range of gas-powered cycles, but can offer far better acceleration and way less maintenance.

Things to consider:
-  An electric bike is still a bike, the better the fit, the more you pedal, the longer your range.
-  Itemize your needs: speed, range, wind and grade considerations. ­
-  Pay a little more for the right product and cry only once!
-  Quality, support, communication and warranty are great indicators.

So why should you  buy an alternative fuel vehicle?
- You save money and reduce climate chaos.
- You enjoy riding except for hills, headwinds, and starting from a stop.
- You prefer your shopping to be easy, slow paced and scenic.
- You take advantage of chances to exercise.
- You want quiet transportation, a safe traffic lane, a parking spot and access to stores.
- You resent noise, smell, starting problems and special laws.
- You expect and deserve more fun and freedom in your life.

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