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Electric Vehicle Speed Information

EV Speed Information and Comparisons. General Advantages. Electric vs Gas.

 EVs range in size from folding electric scooters that fit under a bus seat, up to cars using the highway. Most EVs offer transportation for one person and cargo at speeds and costs that are moderate. Half of our errands and trips are less than 10 miles and within the range of an EV.

You can acquire your EV for less than $1000. Enjoy the advantages of a car without the burdens. Replace your extra car with an electric bike, trike, moped, or scooter and use the savings to rent a car when you need one. Enjoy the fun and freedom of a vehicle that goes almost anywhere, even in the grocery store.

Clean, efficient vehicles save money and time while helping the environment and improving our quality of life. EVs are fun, brighten our day and the world. Spread the word. Relatives, friends and neighbors who start using EV's help set the right example.

An EV will pay for itself in uses and benefits and promote a clean, healthy, and sustainable future.
When getting an electric vehicle, look for long range, reasonable speed, quality and a fair price.

Typical top speeds are:
    Electric Scooters: 10 - 15 mph
    Electric Bicycles: 12 - 20 mph
    Electric Adult Tricycles: 10 mph
    Electric Recumbents: 20 - 35 mph
    Electric Mobility Scooters: 2 - 15 mph
    Electric Mopeds: 20 - 55 mph
    Electric Motorcycles: 60 - 180 mph
    Personal Rapid Transit, PRTs: 20 - 100 mph
    Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, NEVs: 25 mph
    Commute One Person Cars: 40 - 70mph
    Power-Assist Wheelchairs: 7 mph
    Electric Go-Karts and Dune Buggies: 5 - 25 mph
    Utility/Cargo Vehicles: 10 - 40 mph

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