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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the right 'electric ride on toys' for me?

This will depend on several personal considerations. Do you want an easily transportable (foldable),stand up, step-on-and-go, light weight, electric scooter or electric bicycle?  Will the larger, heavier, faster, street-legal  electric scooters or electric mopeds give you more range and flexibility? Would a self balancing electric personal transporter provide the surest, quickest, economical way for you to commute or run errands? 

Who makes your 'electric ride on toys?

Our major suppliers are eMotoEV and Big Toys. These wholesale shippers are trusted for quality, support, technical advice and good warranties.

How good is the warranty?

Each category has a different warranty time length, The warranty period varies but the quality of the warranty is impeccable. And don't forget the Lifetime Technical Support for every one of our electric scooters, electric bikes, electric personal transporters, electric mopeds or electric ride on toys.

What if I have a technical  problem?

Technical support is "Lifetime" for each model.

How will my new 'electric bike' be shipped?

We use ground service via FedEx or UPS for your shipping,. See the Shipping Policy page for more details. Generally an electric moped weighs more than an electric  bike which weighs more than an electric scooter and weight is the important component of any shipping cost.


How long will it take for my new 'electric bike' to arrive?

Orders are filled on the day received and usually arrive 3 to 5 days after.


What if my new 'electric ride on toys' arrive in poor condition? 

The procedure for documenting damage is covered on our Policies page and should be followed step by step. Basically, you deal with the ground service first but if the damage occurred before shipping, the problem will be corrected quickly and to your full satisfaction. The probability of damage is almost zero due to the high level of quality control in the delivery systems and the careful  packaging of every one of our electric bikes, scooters, mopeds, personal transporters or electric ride on toys we deliver!

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