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Zero Emission Electric Vehicles

Act now to reduce global warming. If the permafrost melts do you have a plan?

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Help stop global warming



Fox News: Trump told host Neil Cavuto that the cold weather (it was January) was evidence that there was no climate change. What's more, he argued, efforts to curtail climate change are “putting this country at a competitive disadvantage.”

Trump has:

*Denied that climate change is happening and called it a hoax.
*Suggested that the world is actually warming, but that humans aren't involved.
*Suggested that the world is warming and that humans had a “minor” effect.
*Suggested that the world is warming and that there is some “connectivity” to human behavior.
*Called for adoption of policies to curtail human-caused climate change, providing a boon to the economy.
*Tweeted that climate change “was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive” and has wasted no time in announcing his intent to de-fund the U.S. NASA climate research program. International climate scientists denounced the plan, stating that loss of the program will “devastate” global climate research.

 Where Trump actually stands once he has to make a decision as president is anyone's guess. But, as always, he pays attention to public opinion and the opinions of the people around him. But he has said climate change would benefit the country economically.

Oh my god...
So why should you buy electric?
We are sure Donald will set the standard: 
driving an electric auto, converting his real estate energy needs to solar, supporting wind farms, investing in solar panel arrays, and selling his interests in oil and coal...

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